Propur Water Filters

Propur Water Filters

Originally brought in as a graphic designer, my role and responsibilities grew into utilizing my expertise of building a brand.

As a B2B company, Propur's structure of sub-brands and its hierarchy of its catalog were widely miscommunicative to the general public. My task was to consolidate the sub-brands and provide product management to support the brand's transition from business-facing to consumer-facing (B2C).

By entering an existing marketplace that's new to the brand, positioning it within that marketplace was crucial to embrace its newfound audience. With consumer and market research, I was able to develop and establish funnel points that would embody a strategy to communicate the brand's intentions and products.

With the brand and its assets in new order, it was time for a new visual language system that communicated the brand's identity. The voice, vision, and mission of the company compelled the rebranding process. Blue for water, an elegant yet friendly typeface, and a digital presence that's searchable, memorable, and impactful - Both visually and personally.


  • Water Filtration


  • United States


  • Graphic Designer
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator


  • Nicole Dean
  • Dan Chisolm
  • Steve Steinway