Ninety-Nine Percent

Ninety-Nine Percent

As a strength & conditioning program for beginners to high-level athletes, Ninety-Nine Percent has a huge impact on the lifestyles and mindsets of people enrolled into the program. Alongside its physical presence of being a strength & conditioning program company, is the digital presence of being a second hand resource for all things nutrition and fitness. The idea of the brand is to attract the athletes in every crowd, whether they're trying to change their health habits or looking to excel in the sport they play and/or follow.

The identity for the company must be accessible for everyone. Its presence didn't want to intimidate newcomers of fitness nor did it want to come off as unchallenging to seasoned athletes. With an entire database of nutritional and athletic foundations, Ninety-Nine Percent is tailored for the unleashed beast in everybody.

Like the company itself, the identity was an overall program of sub-assets. The presence must be translatable between the digital and physical worlds as athletes are increasingly using technology to up their game.

The solution is a Flexible Visual Identity with a logo; a blend between an evolving brand and a structured system. The brand is perspicuous and concise, maintaining its identity through its assets including the colors, pattern, and tone of voice.


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