Lavazza's Workspaces

Lavazza's Workspaces

As a spatial design for break rooms and coffee rooms across workplaces carrying Lavazza products. The responsibility was to stimulate, engage, and inspire all the hard workers out there.

Being a design for a corporate office, the goal for the design wrap was to distract from the mundane and immerse one into the experience of the design while maintaining an office and workplace standards.

The goal was to highlight an important function of offices - teamwork. The design wrap tells a story of a diverse group of people working together to complete an ultimate goal. Conveying a tone of voice that's both professional and a relief of work duties stimulates the onlooker with a creative mode of thought during their break.

The outcome is a vibrant, visual narrative that breaks the monotonous habits of corporate design. The short bursts of phrases throughout the design are in hopes of sparking refreshing conversations that revolve outside the workplace. I used a classic italic roman typeface that included equally vibrant swashes. Pablo Stanley's open source library of characters provided an additional element to push the narrative.


  • Lavazza Professional


  • Google Open Source
    Lavazza Blank Canvas


  • Humaaans by Pablo Stanley