College Night on Cross St

College Night on Cross St

Promotional material for a bi-weekly summer event called College Nights on Cross St. An event nearing Eastern Michigan University.

The approach was simple: Express the theme of each unique event through different visual elements. All while maintaining a visual hierarchy that captures attention and then retains info second.

The functional aesthetics of a foam party include bubbles, chromatic colorways, and a mindful set of type.

For the second event, a Christmas in July, a vintage theme was to be appropriated. The best theme to appropriate is one created through appropriation - National Lampoon-esque. Created in satire, the posters' typefaces are set to be portrayed in the same era of the design as well as the colors. The outcome was a sarcastic display of the appropriated holiday in the summer.

The third poster is for the venue's halloween event. With the vintage aesthetic being a success at bringing awareness for the Christmas in July event, the third poster also adopted this style. A fun style approached with caution and grime was created by reenacting physical materials like stickers. Halftone textures and printing errors mimicked are seen throughout the poster all while maintaining legibility.


  • West Cross Station, Eastern Michigan University


  • 18" by 24" printed on kraft-tone & digital