313 Genetics

313 Genetics

313 Genetics is a company specializing in cannabis cultivation and serves the Detroit metro area.

The branding of 313 genetics is a revisit of a commissioned project for two logos that were insisted on representing the company in its entirety. Consequently, the identity designed for the branding is logo-centric, the virtues and elements of the logoform and logotype were adopted.

The company itself is the overall entity that the brand is established on. Within that company, is a sector that specializes in their product called AIR. The AIR team consists of cultivators and botanists that truly appreciate and care for their work and craft. Their attention to detail, sensibility, and pragmatic approach to a cultural business are addressed visually in the identity. AIR is a stylized acronym that stands for "Aspire. Inspire. Respire." This phrase is also the motto conceived for the company and its values. 313 Genetics and AIR actively bring the community together by fulfilling local needs as well as conducting classes to educate people on hydroponics across all industries. The products of 313 Genetics that are flower and raw product incorporates AIR's craftsmanship through the product they develop in house. It is important to highlight the internal team's efforts on the company's products as well as visual identity to present a confident, prideful, and honest connection to its patients.

The result is a new identity that stays true to its roots and holds a strong bond with both internal and external relationships. The branding clearly shows the identity of each product while providing an appealing approach to its products for the target audience.


  • Cannabis


  • Detroit


  • Zip pouches from recycled content
  • Airtight cardboard containers
  • Nonstick concentrate container
  • Tincture bottle
  • Beverage label